Burglars and Break-Ins

Home burglaries happen more often than most homeowners and business owners care to admit. It can be a jarring experience to come back to your safe space, and find that it has been broken into. This experience often causes you to question the safety and security of you property. Below, we will look at a […]

Anti Bacterial Locks and Handles

In this day and age, we are all looking out and after ourselves better. Many have asked us what about keys and locks? Do they have an antibacterial property or way to keep clean? Yes, there are products that be used and have been used for many years. Copper-containing metals like brass have antibacterial properties—a […]

How Does Weather Affect Your Door Locks?

In the Ottawa region we experience both extreme heat and cold months throughout the year – unfortunately that means that there are some things you should consider doing to prevent any common weather related issues that can happen. We will be covering what effects both the hot and cold weather can have on your door […]

Latch Issues with Front Doors and Grip Sets

Modern locks are often disposable. If something goes wrong we throw out the lock and buy a new one, not today! This is not what we think as Locksmith professionals. Almost all products can be repaired and we usually have the parts. The most common issue with Weiser also known as USA brand Kwikset is […]

Filling Cabinets and Installing Locks

a filling cabinet that has locked drawers Trumax locksmiths

At Tru-Max Security Inc, We like to highlight several of our projects and services that we offer. Along with file cabinet keys and repairs of many file cabinets, our technicians pride themselves on installing locks on cabinets, drawers, and compartments. That may need to be locked in an office or kitchen area. We can key […]