Protec 2

ABLOY PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in the development of the unique ABLOY rotating disc cylinder keying systems that offers several unsurpassed and superior security features and benefits.

Secure in every way

In an ABLOY PROTEC2 locking system, different products can be keyed into the same master key system and thus all products can be operated with just a single key. This simplifies your locking system and key management. The range is wide, there are 1,97 billion different key combinations providing the possibility to create extensive Master Key systems that fulfil your exact specifications.

ABLOY PROTEC2 is durable and long lasting thanks to its superior design and precision manufacturing. The unique and patented rotating disc technology provides smooth and reliable functionality also in extreme environments. New patented features in keys and cylinders have worldwide patents which are valid until 2031.

One core, wide product range

ABLOY PROTEC2 meets and exceeds requirements of several international, national and customer specific standards and requirements. With an extensive product range, ABLOY PROTEC2 provides a global solution.

While the core of the cylinder remains the same, the outer covering can be changed to meet the requirements of the specific application.

Integration with electromechanical CLIQ technology


ABLOY PROTEC2 can be integrated with electromechanical CLIQ-technology. This electromechanical system is intelligent and highly customizable. It enables flexible and secure access management, including time functions, into your daily operations. And in case of a lost or stolen key it can easily be electronically removed. Both the cylinders and keys collect audit trail of use. CLIQ makes things click. It lifts your locking security to a whole new level.©


The latest fully patented two-way system with many unique features. The patent is in force until 22/09/2019 and covers both the mechanism and key (UK and Ireland), enabling us to offer long lasting protection of keys.We highly recommend the use of ABLOY®PROTEC on new suites of locks, especially those including door cylinders.

The DISKLOCK PRO and EXEC key registration systems have proved so successful we have decided on a similar one for ABLOY® PROTEC. Again there are a choice of levels depending on your requirements. Click here to view General brochure.

Security Levels

General Level

Available to the public through our Locksmith distribution. Signature cards are recorded and given to customer to hold for their own records. Additional keys and locks can be obtained through any of our authorized ABLOY® Protec dealers.

Dealer LevelAll ABLOY® PROTEC Centres can use an exclusive keyway for locks supplied either individually keyed, keyed-alike or master keyed. Key cards will be issued at this level and the Centre will record all the registration criteria (keys will be marked for identification). Additional keys can only be provided by the Centre issuing the keys originally. Full protection plus local service is offered at this level. Dealers are obligated by legal contract with Abloy Canada Inc.

Factory Level A high security key section with additional keys only available from ABLOY® Canada Inc. Full details of registration must be provided (e.g. Official order and signatories) and will be checked thoroughly before additional keys are provided.©


At Tru-Max we pride ourselves on supplying the best and most secure products. Abloy has an industry leading reputation for being of the highest security and resistant in all aspects of the locks construction. We provide the 2 types of keyways below.