1. Lock-out Support:

    • Assistance provided to individuals who are locked out of a location, such as a home, office, or vehicle. Professionals help regain access without causing damage to the lock or door.
  2. Master Keys:

    • A key that can open multiple locks, each with its own individual key. Master keys are often used in commercial or residential settings where access needs to be controlled at different levels.
  3. Security Key Cutting:

    • The process of cutting keys specifically designed for enhanced security, often including features such as complex patterns or electronic components.
  5. Lock Replacement:

    • The process of removing an existing lock and installing a new one. This could be done for security upgrades, damaged locks, or to change the type of lock.
  7. Electric Strike Installation:

    • The installation of an electric strike plate, which is a device used to control access to a building or secure area. It allows or restricts access when an electrical signal is received.
  9. Lock & Door Hardware Installation:

    • Installing various types of locks and accompanying door hardware, ensuring that they function properly and provide the desired level of security.
  11. Commercial Keypad Lock Installation & Set up:

    • Installing and configuring keypad locks designed for commercial use. These locks often provide keyless entry and can be programmed to allow access to specific individuals.
  13. Key Cabinets:

    • Secure storage cabinets designed to hold and organize keys. They are often used in commercial or industrial settings to manage access to multiple areas.

  15. Delivery & Bolt Safes:

    • Safes designed for the secure storage of valuables, documents, or cash. Delivery safes may have features to facilitate secure deposits, while bolt safes are anchored to prevent theft.
  17. Reset Safe Combos:

    • Assisting with the process of resetting the combination on a safe. This is typically done for security reasons or when the combination is forgotten.
  19. Mailboxes & Lockboxes:

    • Secure containers for receiving and storing mail. Lockboxes add an additional layer of security by requiring a key or code for access.
  21. Panic Bars:

    • Also known as exit devices or push bars, panic bars are mechanisms installed on exit doors to allow quick and easy egress during emergencies.
  23. Security Hinges and Lock Collars:

    • Hinges and collars designed to enhance the security of doors. They may include features such as tamper resistance or increased durability.