Electronic Locks and their Features

EMB Electronic locks

In the 21st century, we have smarter Smartphone’s every year, smart watches, smart houses. While you’re no doubt familiar with electronic locks, your home probably still relies on a standard deadbolt lock and key. There are a variety of keyless electronic access systems.

What are the best keyless systems and what are the pros and cons? Electronic locks work the same way as standard locking mechanisms. The major differences are in their function. Several have keypads while others can be opened through an app.


Electronic Locks Are More Convenient
Many businesses, car owners, and some homeowners prefer electronic locks for added convenience. Rather than dropping off keys, visitors can be given the access code instead. You can stop carrying keys and worrying about making copies or changing locks, and instead simplifies your access system.

Electronic Locks Are Often Combined With Security Services
Many people combine electronic locks with automated security systems, triggering an alarm in the case of a break-in, further improving security. This is done through Z-waves that work directly with your alarm system.

Keyless Locks Improve Business and Home Security
In residential homes, 63% of burglaries occurred during the day. Many homeowners keep a spare key on their property or have cheap deadbolts more vulnerable to criminals. With the help of our professionals at Tru-max Security Inc, electronic locks can improve home and business security.


Electronic Locks Can Be More Expensive
Electronic locking systems cost more than traditional locking systems of the same type.

Electronic Locks Aren’t Foolproof
Even though you don’t have to carry a key, some people still forget their password or PIN number. Depending on the kind of electronic lock system you invest in, you can still run into issues requiring the aid of a professional locksmith ASAP. Also, in our harsh Canadian winter, the lower end of these electronic locks can and do lock up at -20 to -40.

Below you will find the electronic locks we highly recommend and would be happy to install for you. To increase the security of your home and business.

Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt

Your keys. Your latte. Your briefcase. Your groceries. Something’s got to give. But not if you have the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. It makes getting in the door as easy as entering an access code on a touchscreen or using your smartphone to unlock the door before you even get out of the car. And that’s only the beginning of what keyless entry can do for you when it comes to both security and convenience.


Dorex Electronic Deabolt with key fob unlock and lock system:

              Battery operated


      •               Low battery indicator

      •               LED illuminated keyboard

      •               Key override

      •               Multi-user capabilities (6 different codes)

      •               Optional auto-locking function

      •               Easy to install & program

      •               Fits standard door preparations

      •               Remote control included (1)

      •               Additional remotes available

    Wieser Kevo Bluetooth locking system

     Wieser offers a Bluetooth Deadbolt. That can be controlled by your phone. It offers a lot of functions and has a durable bolt to stop intruders.


    The ultimate smart lock for your smart home:

    Lock and unlock your door from anywhere, grant secure access to friends and family, and track who is coming and going, all from the August app. Automatically unlocks when you arrive and locks when you leave. August Smart Lock Pro works with all three voice assistants – Siri, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

    Kaba Eplex 2000:

    Dormakaba’s electronic door locks offer efficient security for any size facility. The E-Plex series of locks creates a range of system options. Electronic locks allow you to set user schedules and review PIN and/or card access remotely. E-Plex standard locks start as a stand-alone access solution for a single door. Programming solutions build E-Plex locks into an enterprise solution that can span multiple facilities and thousands of doors. The wireless option for E-Plex Enterprise software allows advanced management, such as access schedule, holiday and vacation blocks, visitor management, audit trail, and much more.  

    Many E-Plex series locks do not require software, but dormakaba’s free e-plex software download can increase system control and expand the user’s lock management options.

    Schlage Encode
    Dorex Electronic deadbolt
    August Deadbolt
    Kaba E-plex 2000