Filling Cabinets and Installing Locks

a filling cabinet that has locked drawers Trumax locksmiths

At Tru-Max Security Inc, We like to highlight several of our projects and services that we offer. Along with file cabinet keys and repairs of many file cabinets, our technicians pride themselves on installing locks on cabinets, drawers, and compartments. That may need to be locked in an office or kitchen area.

We can key them alike for a workstation to work all with one key. Colour matches your existing hardware. So there will not be a disconnect between the finishes of the handles and locks. These locks are sleek and slim once they are installed. Using bezels the lock will look finished and no gap will be seen. Along with the lock being positioned in locations that will allow for ease of use, we are happy to help with the security of your home office. Ideal for baby proofing, Personal information, or A private drawer of a cabinet. Whether it is small or large if you need a lock on your cabinets or drawers please give us a call.

Filing Cabinets can be a different beast. Some have locks and keys that lock only one drawer. While others lock the full cabinet, still some have improved security with a safe dial built-in. We service all of these cabinets; can make you keys for a cabinet. Given the code from the face of the locks, we can make you keys.  

For safe dials, the combination of the lock can be changed and reset if it has been set wrong. If this has happened leave your cabinet open to avoid costly drilling of the cabinet. Similar to what would be done to drill open a safe. If it is a new filing cabinet or a used one that is missing the keys, ask us how we can help you.