Is your home or business protected & secured?

A door that is slightly ajar with keys inserted into the locking mechanism. The featured image for the blog is your home or business protected and secured?

There are times when a door is closed and we believe it to be secure. Turning a key to lock a door in place and then leave, after a hard day’s work. Or maybe it is your home, and you are locking up for the evening. But if you have an exposed latch or a door that does not line up; you can be leaving your property unsecured. 

A large enough gap between the door and door frame can make it easy for someone to force open the door. Worn hinges, a misaligned latch and bolts, strikes not catching, or unprotected locks can all lower your protection. At Tru-Max Security, we offer a simple survey to assess your security and can recommend areas that they can be improved. 

A door and frame with a gap, missing a guard plate to ensure the door properly locks. This image is a visual to show how you can better secure your doors in a home or commercial setting.

Guard Plates:

A guard plate can be used to stop anyone from gaining an opportunity to pry open your door. A Kick plate is recommended for a door where the deadbolt is used. Such as a front door with glass present or a door with a weak frame. These plates in the pictures below are only a fraction of those that we recommend and every situation is different. It is best to reach out to us for a quick security survey; 613-591-0909.

A diagram showing the installation of a safety guard plate. It identifies the carriage bolt and the rivet fastened to the plate to ass extra security to your door. It shows the plate properly installed on the door and frame.

Window Bars:

Another popular security upgrade too many homes are basement window bars. Adding window bars is a great way to deter theft both physically and from afar. In case you need to escape from the room that these window bars are installed in. Many offer a swing away function. Allowing easy removal and means of exit in the case of an emergency and can be padlocked closed, furthering the security. 

These products are used to protect you and slow down anyone trying to break into your property. The very sight of an Abloy lock or window bar can be enough to deter most thieves. Call Tru-max Security and we would be happy to provide a security survey; as well as the peace of mind.

Tru-Max Security is known for providing our local community with the best care and protection.   

An image of bars installed on a basement window - bars help to deter break-ins at ground level and add an extra level of security if the glass were to be broken.

Thank you for choosing Trumax Security Inc.
– Ken