Latch Issues with Front Doors and Grip Sets

Modern locks are often disposable. If something goes wrong we throw out the lock and buy a new one, not today!

This is not what we think as Locksmith professionals. Almost all products can be repaired and we usually have the parts.

The most common issue with Weiser also known as USA brand Kwikset is the Mechanism, Smartkey plug and inside handles. They get loose with time, latches stop retracting as they should into the door.  At Tru-Max Security Inc we see it all and can fix it.

All Weiser brand products in Canada carry a warranty for the hardware they sell. The first thing to do is call Weiser technical support and send them a picture of your grip set and they will send you the replacement parts. Of course in case you get locked out Weiser will not help you there. We can, however, open your door without damage. From there you’ll have the choice either of replacement of the grip set at an additional cost. A locksmith company cannot get the warranty from Weiser.

The second option is that we can open the lock for you and repair it, the best we can. Allowing you to take care of the rest with Weiser’s technical support team. Once you have the new lock let us know. We will return to install the hardware for you.

Or upgrade to a new product when buying a grip set lock make sure it is a superior product.

The third option for our customers would be the replacement of a part if we have it in stock. This varies in cost drastically but we do have many parts in stock. Please allow us to service your locks and get them back to operating the way they should.

We are here to help at 613-591-0909

Most common are LOCK-OUTS of:

  • Weiser Mechanism
  • Weiser Latch
  • Weiser Smartkey plug
  • Weiser inside handle loose
  • Weiser inside handle comes off

Another popular product line with the residential installation of grip sets and deadbolts is Schlage. Like Weiser they can have issues with their latches and can break down over time. We do have the parts to repair them or again you can ask for a replacement from Schlage for us to install.

We are able to install all types of hardware from a large variety of companies and locking mechanisms. If you have any questions about an issue you may be having or would like some information about a specific lock, don’t hesitate to ask us, we would be happy to help.

613-591-0909 or by email at ken@trumaxsecurity.ca