What type of keys do I have?

Various types of keys and locks

There is a wide variation of keys and what they are used for.

At Tru-Max Security we can copy and cut many of these for you. Many lock companies have their own specific key that will only fit their locks. To determine this we look at several aspects of the key to identify which company the key belongs to. Once we know these indictors we can use the correct key blank to cut you a new key. Below is listed several more popular keys we find in the Ottawa area.


Schlage SC1

Schlage keys are very popular and are found in both residential and commercial locks. They have many different blanks and key options. The most popular being the sc1 (a 5 cut key) or Sc4 (a 6 cut key). Schlage is a great option if you are looking to have multiple keys work for one lock.


Example a master key system.

Wieser & Kwikset:

weiser key blank WR5

Wieser is sold under several other company names.

However, they are all using either the Weiser key or Kwikset options. The new Weiser smart option for residential is a quick change lock system that lets you change the key without removing the lock from the door. You are not able to master key the smart lock system which is why you do not find it in commercial settings. 

Kwikset key blank KW1


Sargent key Blank

Sargent Keys are another competitor to Schlage and Weiser. They offer a very similar locking system and are usually found in Commercial applications along with Schlage. Sargent keys are durable and can be set to a master key system. 


Yale key blank Y1

Yale keys are an older locking system very similar to Schlage. We usually find Yale locks on older homes in the area, or if they have been specifically asked for by a customer. A main advantage to the Yale keys is that they tend to be strong and thicker so as not to break in the lock. 

High Security Keys:

For High Security keys most companies offer their own options but true High Security options can be found with the Abloy System we offer. A key and lock unique to your key system and cut for your locks, which can only be duplicated by our lock shop, giving you both security and peace of mind. Abloy to which stand our freezing climate in the winter and protect against and resist most picking and drill attacks.


At Tru-Max Security we are able to cut these keys and more. There are many different keys for every type of lock and if we do not carry the key blank, we will do what we can to get them for you.